Having Diverse Books Is Not Enough

I came across a “cute” picture book at the NCTE (National Council for Teachers of English) Conference’s exhibit hall called The Ugly Dumpling and I have to share with you what this book means for… Continue reading

#LearnYourWay via Text

My last post highlighted the power of video-recording in helping students learn. I posted two different video tutorials on video recording: Stop Motion  and on-screen videos. However, writing or composing through text is… Continue reading

LearnYourWay: Stop Motion Videos

I’ve been preaching about letting students choose how they learn in class. Personalizing learning feels humanizing to me. If you are a class where students have access to iPads, here is the first… Continue reading

Branding Student Writing

My husband and I dine at new restaurants every chance we get. We even have an Instagram account to share all of our experiences! There are, however, a handful of restaurants we always come… Continue reading

iMindset Changes iManagement

Remember when individual whiteboards and dry erase markers were first introduced in school? Remember how much of a commotion that created in the teacher world? We worried about dealing with kids drawing all the… Continue reading

Make Your Custodian Uncomfortable!

I like to go to places like Disney World because it’s a fantasy. It’s a place that is like no where else. One that is far from reality. We never stay there for… Continue reading

Why go 1:1?

This is my second year piloting a personalized device classroom in fifth grade. As with all experiences, no two years are the same. This second year has brought new challenges, new a-ha moments, and new… Continue reading

An iTunesU Reading Course Created by Fifth Graders!

In our last wonderful coaching visit with Jennifer Kean from TCRWP, an observation assessment revealed that our readers lacked self-awareness of setting and achieving personal reading goals. I decided to ramp up/spice up our upcoming nonfiction… Continue reading

Go Beyond Substitution to Foster Individualization

The SAMR model has been on my mind a lot lately. I remember being so excited when I first learned about this idea developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. But, as I watch and listen… Continue reading

Snow Days Bring Readers and Writers Together

We had our first snow day for Arlington County yesterday and therefore, my instinct as a 1:1 iPad classroom teacher was to immediately resort to what I did last year: flip a lesson and… Continue reading

Join the “Book Battles” for March Book Madness!

I am ridiculously excited about this upcoming March Book Madness and all that Tony Keefer (@TonyKeefer) has done for the site! If you haven’t signed your class up yet, be sure to visit… Continue reading

Making and Taking Book Personality Quizzes

Have you ever taken a personality quiz on Facebook like “Which Star Wars Character Are You?” You answer a few fun questions and then find out that your personality is most like Luke… Continue reading