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Welcome to TEaCHitivity!

Katharine Hale is a former 4th and 5th grade teacher who now serves as the Instructional Technology Coordinator for Gunston Middle School in Arlington, Virginia. She piloted a 1:1 iPad classroom for two years and continues to work in diverse student populations that include second-language learners, students with disabilities, gifted students, and students from low-socioeconomic backgrounds. Her expertise and passion is in individualized learning and technology integration for all children. Katharine values the power of reading, writing, and math workshop and focuses on designing authentic, future-ready learning environments through the use of personalized mobile devices.

Katharine is an Apple Distinguished Educator, holds a Masters in Integration of Technology in Schools from George Mason University, and has received recognition both within her district and nationally for her work with personalized learning for students. In addition to teaching and supporting both students and teachers at her school, Katharine is also a collaborator and consultant with The Educator Collaborative, founded by Chris Lehman.

She has led numerous workshops and presentations on the integration of technology in literacy and math classrooms. These include sessions at NCTE, ISTE, Literacy for All, and Dublin Literacy Conference. She was recently on a podcast episode of “Tales from the Flip Side” with Jon Bergmann on flipped learning in elementary classrooms. She has also co-hosted a podcast series on BAM Pulse Network with Troy Hicks on Revising the Reading and Writing Workshop.

The idea behind TEaCHitivity is the hopes to create a resource where technology and creativity meet to design authentic and effective ways to teach literacy, math, and everything in between. Each post will share innovative ideas in which technology opens new possibilities and support for all students. TEaCHitivity is a blog where each post are original ideas of mind and intends to help students take the driver’s seat of their learning so that learning is personalized to their needs.

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