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Having Diverse Books Is Not Enough

I came across a “cute” picture book at the NCTE (National Council for Teachers of English) Conference’s exhibit hall called The Ugly Dumpling and I have to share with you what this book means for… Continue reading

Branding Student Writing

My husband and I dine at new restaurants every chance we get. We even have an Instagram account to share all of our experiences! There are, however, a handful of restaurants we always come… Continue reading

Snow Days Bring Readers and Writers Together

We had our first snow day for Arlington County yesterday and therefore, my instinct as a 1:1 iPad classroom teacher was to immediately resort to what I did last year: flip a lesson and… Continue reading

Join the “Book Battles” for March Book Madness!

I am ridiculously excited about this upcoming March Book Madness and all that Tony Keefer (@TonyKeefer) has done for the site! If you haven’t signed your class up yet, be sure to visit… Continue reading

Students Share Writing Process with AR

Bear with me while I get a little giddy about teaching. First of all, there’s really something magical about writing workshop. I find writing workshop to be a little scary at times. You demo strategies… Continue reading

7 Ways to Use #Readergrams with Students

It’s only been a couple of weeks since I first introduced our class Twitter account (@HaleNetwork5th) and #readergrams/#writergrams to my students. I’m already amazed at how it’s transformed my students’ attitude towards reading and… Continue reading

Join Our #readergrams + #writergrams Community!

Happy new year everyone! As we all return to school, I’d like to share an idea with you that I’m hoping will break down those classroom walls and create larger learning networks for our… Continue reading

Breathing Anchor Charts

I finally had a chance to try an idea this summer during our literacy summer school and wanted to quickly share before the new year. We use anchor charts all the time –… Continue reading

Making Personal Learning Goals with List Apps

Around February, I started following Kristi Mraz’s new blog, Kinderconfidential. Granted, I teach fifth grade, but reading about the little-people-world often gives me insight to where it all started for my “big kids”.… Continue reading

Video: A Flipped-Workshop Mini Lesson

I’ve shared the idea of “flipped” mini lessons in a previous blog post and on Choice Literacy. It’s completely changed my classroom for the better. Here’s an example of what I mean by… Continue reading

Mentor iBooks to support Writing SOLs

The Writing SOL test is what fifth grade teachers sweat bullets over during this time of the year. We are about to take ours in two weeks and there is no telling what… Continue reading

Digital Corkboard: A Game-Changer for Readers

We all love it when our students use post-its as they read. It is a powerful way for readers to make connections about the characters or topics. We also depend on it to… Continue reading