Join the “Book Battles” for March Book Madness!

I am ridiculously excited about this upcoming March Book Madness and all that Tony Keefer (@TonyKeefer) has done for the site! If you haven’t signed your class up yet, be sure to visit the site and register. Now I’ve been thinking about how I want my fifth graders to take part and realized how much I wish there were real battles or games we could watch each week, just like in basketball. I want to be glued to the TV cheering for my teams and mourn for my book when it loses. That’s why it’s called madness! Here’s how I’m thinking we can do this…

My kids all have a blog on Kidblog and we are going to write up some “book battles” each week on the blog. I’m imagining a literary essay-like format where they compare two books by crafting a thesis and three supporting arguments. It would really give literary essays an authentic place in their writing lives! Here’s my example (text only): halebookbattleexample

We’ll tweet out these blog posts using the March Book Madness hashtag, #2015MBM and glue our eyes to the twitter world looking for “book battles” elsewhere! This means, we need some classes to join in with us. Would your class be interested?? For struggling readers or younger students, some picture book battles would be so fun to read!

Can’t do blogging? No worries! Your students can battle via a Vine, a podcast, an infographic, a trailer (if you have the time), a rap, or a #readergrams type of tweet!!