LearnYourWay: Stop Motion Videos

I’ve been preaching about letting students choose how they learn in class. Personalizing learning feels humanizing to me. If you are a class where students have access to iPads, here is the first of hopefully a series of videos created specifically for students with iPads to watch.  What I imagine is that each video can be watched to discover a new tool or learning strategy they can use during class to process content or show their understanding.

Students might be introduced to one #LearnYourWay strategy at a time, try it for a few weeks with a couple of different lessons, and then watch a new video to try a different strategy. The ultimate goal is that students would eventually have a toolbox of digital AND non-digital (i.e. class notes, worksheet, graphic organizer) learning strategies and be able to make intentional decisions of how they want to learn the content. As the teacher, we would give them two to four options during a lesson and let students make the final decision.

In respects to assessment, it would be based on learning standards we want our students to achieve or understand by the end of the lesson. One single checklist or rubric can be created to assess all students’ work. The checklist may include vocabulary/language goals, specific content, and possibly even cooperative or work goals.

With 30 students in your class, the odds that all 30 students learn the same way is slim to none. What I prefer telling my students is that “The best way to learn is YOUR way.” My job is to just show them all the ways. Here’s one to start: Stop Motion Videos

**Credit: Thanks Greg Randall for collaborating with me to make this Stop Motion Video and for being an awesome teacher to try this out in your 6th and 7th grade Science classes. You rock!