Digital Corkboard: A Game-Changer for Readers

We all love it when our students use post-its as they read. It is a powerful way for readers to make connections about the characters or topics. We also depend on it to… Continue reading

Graphic Novels? Nope…Graphic Poetry!

Poetry can be really hard for 5th graders because of the amount of inferring a reader has to do to interpret a poem. The result is a bunch of kids giving me the… Continue reading

Bloglovin’, here I come!

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Unrelated to all my other posts, this post is solely for the purpose of entering the Bloglovin’ world and “claiming” my blog. I realize now that I… Continue reading

A Flipped Reading & Writing Workshop Works Wonders

Earlier this year, my principal and ITC suggested that I try flipping the classroom in some way with my 1:1 iPads.┬áMy biggest concern with a flipped classroom approach is the loss of interaction… Continue reading

A Fresh Approach to Fostering Digital Writers

I met Troy Hicks (@hickstro) at the Literacy for All Conference in November and he asked how I was redefining my writing instruction now that I had the iPads. After talking with him… Continue reading

Developing Vocabulary through Acting and Photography

My new “APPsession” is an app called WordFoto. Simply take a photo and choose 2-3 words that would be embedded in the entire photo. The photos look artistic and can be either shared… Continue reading

iNotebooks: Make Note-taking Engaging and Formative!

Aside from a writing journal, a student uses a notebook typically to take down notes so they can refer back to them later as a resource. In some schools, teachers are taking notebooks… Continue reading

Enhance Reading Workshop with Popplet

Popplet is one of my favorite apps to use now for Reading Workshop. Available online at AND as an app for IPads. It takes very little time to set it up for… Continue reading

Facebook Inspired Classroom

Yes, teaching with Facebook isn’t anything new but my kids and I still get excited about it! My fifth graders are too young to enter the Facebook world but that doesn’t mean we… Continue reading

5 Powerful Ways for Students to use Pinterest

Like many, I scroll through Pinterest every school night to decompress. One night I thought to myself, “if I love Pinterest, surely my students would love it too”. But how can they use… Continue reading

So You Think You Can’t Dance?

My kids didn’t think so but little did they know… Every year, at least half of my students are kinesthetic learners and yet I get frustrated when they continue to not know the… Continue reading

Everyday Apps for Everyday Math

iPads are like the GPS. We were totally fine with just computers and road maps. But now that we have it, there’s no chance of turning back. Whether it is with one iPad… Continue reading