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Branding Student Writing

My husband and I dine at new restaurants every chance we get. We even have an Instagram account to share all of our experiences! There are, however, a handful of restaurants we always come… Continue reading

iMindset Changes iManagement

Remember when individual whiteboards and dry erase markers were first introduced in school? Remember how much of a commotion that created in the teacher world? We worried about dealing with kids drawing all the… Continue reading

Make Your Custodian Uncomfortable!

I like to go to places like Disney World because it’s a fantasy. It’s a place that is like no where else. One that is far from reality. We never stay there for… Continue reading

Go Beyond Substitution to Foster Individualization

The SAMR model has been on my mind a lot lately. I remember being so excited when I first learned about this idea developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. But, as I watch and listen… Continue reading

Snow Days Bring Readers and Writers Together

We had our first snow day for Arlington County yesterday and therefore, my instinct as a 1:1 iPad classroom teacher was to immediately resort to what I did last year: flip a lesson and… Continue reading

Students Share Writing Process with AR

Bear with me while I get a little giddy about teaching. First of all, there’s really something magical about writing workshop. I find writing workshop to be a little scary at times. You demo strategies… Continue reading

An iPad Contract Designed by Students

In a 1:1 classroom, I regretted not having a digital contract developed with my students last year. There were many times last year where I wished I had something to pull out of my… Continue reading

My 1:1 Adventure: Bring on the Bandaids and Boo-Boos

Growing up, school was the pits. I was placed in the “gifted program” but couldn’t ace a test to save my life.Important dates and events in history were (and still are) impossible for… Continue reading